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Your own, personal Rally Girl.
Intoxication - NC-17 - Tim/OFC (Het) 
21st-Oct-2007 05:00 pm
McFly / Tom / Hearts in my eyes
Title: Intoxication
Pairing: Tim/Anonymous Rally Girl #1 (as in, OFC)
Prompt: #10, Inebriated, for fnl_rally_girls
Rating: NC-17 (Adult)
Summary: She brings him beer because she can.
A/N: Beta'ed by the love of my rpging life, winchesterjo (hun, get to watch FNL, I swear, you won't be disappointed). Also, hmm...first time writing Tim!sex, so criticism is very welcome. No spoilers, really, it can fit about anywhere during the course of the show, or before. Last thing, if you review, I'll give you cookies. Lots of large chocolate chip cookies. And blueberry muffins, too, if you want.

(Tim Riggins doesn’t ask, he just gets.)
13th-May-2010 06:07 pm (UTC) - Can't open
Hello there. I'd like to read this story, but I can't get the access. What am I suppose to do? I'm new to this site.
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