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FNL -- Cheeze Doodles and Pink Tacos 
18th-Mar-2008 09:08 pm
Title: Cheez Doodles and Pink Tacos
Pairing: References to Tim/Landry, Tim/Tyra, Tyra/Landry, and Tim/Tyra/Landry
Rating: Mature (themes)
Spoilers: Season 2

Author's Note: So, I was at Escapade, stuck on my epic never ending crossover, and I was thinking ... Tim/Landry is my slash happy place, my slash "comfort food" and ... hey, wasn't there an fnl_rally_girls prompt for "food"? Damn skippy there is. In fact, it's prompt #3.

So, no this is not out and out pr0n, but ... it's certainly all about sex. {weg}

Legalese: FNL is copyright its respective owners. This bit of "whatiffery" is a labor of love and laughter, not money.

(Breakfast of Champions)
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